Quadra Fire Santa Fe Insert broken feed control set screw

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New Member
Nov 4, 2023
Florence OR
My name is Jeff.
I fired up the stove for the first time this season
last week. Flame was way too high so I loosened the wing nut on
feed adjustment control rod. the hopper was full
I couldn't see the end of the rod. I could feel it was loose
on the bottom. I bought this stove new 3 years ago and
have run 75-100 bags of Packsaddle pellets through it.
Lower set screw is gone
It looks like it had threads, like there is a nut
under the hole but it's damaged I can't get a screw in it.
There is a baffle between the hole and the auger. I
am thinking about JB Weld on a SS bolt with the head
cut off and a lock nut, after it cures a couple days. Would
this work? I also considered a pop rivet but it would
be too tight for the rod to slide I think. Alternative? I really don't want to mess with
the auger. There is a lot of black RTV on the
tube and it's really hard to get that stuff off. It must have
been applied at the factory, or maybe it was a come-back
for a broken set screw and a cobbled fix. The stove shop was
in business here for a couple months.
Thanks for any suggestions. Jeff

Broken set screw.jpg