25 pdvp

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New Member
Jan 24, 2023
Tionesta Pa
Hello Folks,

I'm new, but not new, been lurking for a long time now, figured it's time to say hi...

Been burning pellets for a while, had a dell point europa for a long time, got it used, control board burnt out, so i hooked up some cyclical timers and motor controllers and the thing ran great for years, well other than safety... burn pot went, decided it was time for a change, bought a Liberator rocket stove with the pellet adapter, used that for a few years, but it only has one setting... HOT... So i decided to buy a craigslist gem for dirt cheap, and have been loving it since... Englander 25 pvdp (1997 model) It's got it's flaws, piped it up through a ceiling stack, 6 inch, and it rumbles when the flame get high... and it aint the greatest at quick heat, but she sure does the trick and i trust it... No burn back, no flame outs, it just works... Only problem is, i have no means of parts, but it was dirt cheap, so when it burns out, i'll buy something else lol. I do want to modify the burn plate, but won't unless i can find a replacement. Anyhow, i thank you Folks for all the great input and will keep reading along.