Q&A 6" vs 8" flue for Jotul Oslo

QandA Posted By QandA, May 23, 2002 at 2:20 PM

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    A little background: I'm building a new home and want to put in a woodstove instead of a fireplace. The builder will not do anything but install a fireplace, he won't even put up just a chimney.

    So, with this dilemma, I went to a local stove shop last night to check out the stoves and get a ballpark figure on what it would cost to have the installation done post-settlement. The stove I am looking at is the Jotul F500 Oslo. This particular stove has a 6" flue. The height of the chimney is going to be somewhere around 27'. My dad was concerned after hearing about it that they only use 6" piping and not 8" (internal diameter). Will the stove draft properly with a chimney that height and only a 6" flue? The installer obviously didn't indicate any concern, and it is what he puts in, so at face value I would say it would be ok, but I want some opinions on the matter. He uses triple-wall stainless piping at $90 a 3 foot section.

    Also, the price he quoted me (ballpark) was about 5k to put do the whole installation: chimney construction, all piping, stove(2k), labor, and delivery. A stone hearth pad would run me around $400 more (prefab). Sound like a reasonable deal? I live near Philly in PA.


    6" piping is fine....in fact it may draft better than 8 with that stove. A smaller flue warms quicker and warmer chimneys work best.

    On the install, it's tough to critique it from afar. I assume you are getting a enamel model since you said 2K. Jotul is having a sale right now, so you may be able to get a discount. From what I know, that stove sells for about $14-17 hundred dollars.

    An out and up chimney installation of 27 feet installed might normally run about $1600 to $2000 installed BARE PIPE (exposed) - This is if no outside offsets are needed. Then there is the question of if they are boxing the chimney in siding or stucco (much more)...

    So, there are some guidelines from my experience in the Phila Area (where I owned a store for 20 years)
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