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New Member
Nov 18, 2021
Beaverton, OR
Hello, I want to confirm this is correct setup.
I’m using 6DT-CS11 support box, then I put chimney adapter into support box (6DVL-ADC), then I connect single wall DuraBlack pipe (6DBK-TL) to adapter and here how it looks. How do I secure like to adapter in order for it to be held, just three sheet metal screws? If so, do I need to apply some caulk?



Staff member
Nov 18, 2005
South Puget Sound, WA
I've only done this with DVL with the locking tab style connector. The stainless adapter should pressed into the support box until it snaps in place. There is a rim in the support box opening that the adapter tabs snap onto. I would expect then that it snaps into the DuraBlack stovepipe in the same way so that no stainless is visible.