8" Double Wall stove pipe fit Hutch Rebel

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Dec 16, 2023
Hi, I have a Hutch Rebel double door freestanding stove that I think is a clone of the Grandpa model. We love it and in great shape. We are having all new pipes/chimney installed to Class A Double wall. I am not sure if that means the stove pipe is double wall too or just the chimney. If so, is the stove pipe 9" diameter with 8" inner diameter? Should it fit without issues or do I need a Fisher adapter or something like in link below? I did another post trying to decide whether to keep stove. But we love it and use it mostly with doors open with screen. I found out that is called fireplace mode and was a feature of Fishers. Here is pic of stove. Thanks

Wood Stove.jpg
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Single wall stove pipe connecting to the chimney is ok as long as it is at least 18" from any combustible. Double-wall stove pipe brings this down to 6", but with the stove's required 36" clearance, that could be a moot point.