80$ electric bill down from 300$!!!!!!!

fattyfat1 Posted By fattyfat1, Dec 15, 2008 at 3:23 AM

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    never payed for a stick of wood in my life.[/quote]

    And to add to that, I've never paid for a gym membership in my life either.[/quote]

    That was great!

    That may be coming back in style. There is a food service distributor in our area that built a new ware house for frozen foods. The chiller units are all natural gas fired and the coolant is similar to ammonia.

    Where I work at they are building a huge chiller to hit temps of -40 to be used in an inline process. It will be natural gas fired also. I am not sure what the coolant will be but it has one heck of an endothermic condensation process. The product is traveling in a 2 inch SS line at 80 gallons per minute. It starts out at 104 degrees F when it hits the pasteurization system at 290 degrees F then drops to -40 F. All this happens in less than 240 seconds for the entire process and at 2500 – 3000 psi.
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