90's Lopi spirit DV pilot issues

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New Member
Nov 7, 2022
thanks in advance,
I'm a newbie and only slightly skilled at repairing my Lopi spirit DV 90's model. My pilot won't stay lit. also burner was not staying lit before the pilot stopped working. I've changed the thermocouple and thermopile without success. I've done this in the past a couple times with good success. I've read about the spill switch but don't find it on the unit. Also in talking to a technician from where I bought the unit he thought the gas valve needs replacing. (I'm wondering if I could do that, is it that tricky?) they cannot make a visit until Feb 2023 and its winter now!
That also takes me to the thought of maybe I need to replace unit? Installed in approx. 1995.
It might be time for a new valve. 27 years is not a bad lifetime for it. Did you check the mV on the t-couple before you installed it?
I've thought a new valve is the solution but am intimidated on changing it myself. Is it that tricky?
I have a limited amount of skills for repairing a propane stove. I haven't checked the milivolts , don't know how. And I can't find anyone to come out for a repair. I made over 10 calls yesterday in the search. I'm thinking this may e the time for a new stove.