Pilot won’t stay on Jotul GF 100 DV - am I missing some wiring?

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New Member
Nov 4, 2023
New York
This stove came with the house and was originally used as supplementary heat in the kitchen.

We remodeled and moved it to a sunroom. During that process all wiring was removed (not by me).

It had previously been run with a wall mounted thermostat.

I had my contractor setup the gas line to it. When testing initially I couldn’t get the pilot lit.

I took it apart and found the pilot was in rough shape so I ordered and installed a new pilot assembly. I believe it contains the thermopile and thermocouple as well. It’s similar to this - https://www.fire-parts.com/collecti...ucts/sit-top-mount-pilot-assembly-natural-gas

The terminals to control the flame also were not hooked up. So I guessed at the correct order and connected the thermostat/off/on rocker control switch.

After that the pilot lights fine, stays lit for a short period, and I am able to run the stove as expected using the switch to turn it on. The problem is once I turn it off the pilot dies. Also if I light the pilot and leave it set to pilot the pilot will eventually go out. I’d say the pilot probably stays lit for about 10 minutes.

Before I troubleshoot further - I wanted to check the connections on the back. I think I may be missing a wire or two. I looked at the wiring diagram but I’m not great at reading it.

Any help is appreciated.

Have you tested the mV output from the thermocouple? Have you tried adjusting the pilot flame?
I haven’t done any mv testing yet - the thermocouple would be brand new with that replacement pilot, assembly I bought, right? I suppose it could be bad out of the box.

Am I to assume from your assessment of my photo though there is no wiring that I’m missing that would cause the pilot not to stay lit?

Other thought would be maybe a draft causing it to go out? It’s a horizontal termination, configured the same way as the previous owner had it, just moved to a different room. I did have to buy a new wall dura-vent wall termination and there was no sealant used when connecting it - perhaps there is a leak causing it to go out?
If you have an air leak in your venting which causes the pilot to go out, you will see a LOT of soot in the firebox. A leak will compromise the Air-to-Fuel ratio to be incorrect, by allowing O2 depleted air to enter the combustion air flow.