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dorkweed Posted By dorkweed, Sep 25, 2012 at 5:03 PM

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    My Englander 13NC has been up and running since about 2 weeks back. Not 24/7, but just when the chill needs to be taken out of the house and the humidity lowered also. Looks like I won't need it this week at all as the weather is gonna be pretty mild.

    Didn't get much "stink" at all from my 3 "break in" fires. My first fires were with about 15ft. of chimney as described in the Englander manual. It drafted fine; but, I needed to be "spot on" on the temps and flame condition to keep it from petering out as I aired her down. I should also mention that I have a "back-to-back" 45's right out of the stove to give me enough offset to clear a roof truss. All this was done in 60ish weather...............not the best for draft.................but a good way to test it.

    After a week of playing and learning my stove................. and reading the sticky on draft issues here.................................. I decided to add 3 more feet of chimney pipe. I didn't want to wait-and-hope that the cooler/cold weather would help my draft. I'd much rather have it drafting well now in shoulder season than trying to fix a draft problem in "heating" season!!!!

    All I can say now is...................WOW!!!!! This little difference really made this little stove a pleasure to run now!! From a nice bed of coals, I'm charring the reloaded wood inside of 15-20 minutes now and airing her down shortly there after. With a 2/3 load of 2 year old maple (really dry) I'm getting 3 hours of secondaries once she's aired all the way down................and then the coals keep the stove top thermometer well above 300* for a long time.

    In fact I fully loaded up the little 13 at 9:30PM almost a week ago just before going to bed. I got the wood charred and got the stove temp up to 400* before starting to air down................at 10:20 she was aired down totally and was cruising at 600* (beautiful secondaries sitting in the livingroom in the dark). I still had coals at 6:45AM the following morning to catch 2 small splits going!!!

    I think I'm gonna like this little bad girl once the weather really gets cold. A fan or two placed appropriately to help get warm air to other parts of my house will be my next chore.

    You's moderators here are right on most every time in your assessment of stoves and stove issues.....................................but Left on everything else. I'm OK with that though, as long as I can get great info from y'all.

    Thanks again!!!
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    Glad it is working out for you. Isn't it amazing what 3 ft of pipe can do for draft? I often suggest to peeps to buy a 3 ft section of the snap together heating duct and stick it on top of their pipe. For a couple of bucks they can first hand see what it will do for them.
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    Congratulations. 3' made a difference in the draft and you'll be smiling all winter!
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    Nice set-up and enjoy. If you stay out of the Ash Can, things will be right for you.

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