A clamp instead of screws on a rigid liner?

Woody Stover Posted By Woody Stover, Nov 13, 2011 at 1:46 PM

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    I've got the insulated liner dropped into the masonry chimney for BIL's basement stove. I need to jog it out into the firebox and down into the top of the '84 Englander which has to sit back in the fireplace almost all the way. I have a 15* elbow screwed onto the bottom of the liner, but it doesn't look like it's going to kick it out far enough to get through the damper frame at the correct angle. If I can remove the 15* and slip a 30* on there, I'm not sure I have enough room to drill new holes, working through the narrow damper plate. Maybe I could scribe marks through the screw holes from inside the liner/elbow, onto the 30*, then I might be able to drill holes in the 30* and get it to line up with the liner screw holes. Seems like a long shot, though. Failing that, could I use some type of clamp to hold the 30* onto the liner? Would I have to cut a slit into the 30* to get the clamp to squeeze it onto the liner or is this just a non-kosher install technique? Seems like a lot of stress could potentially be on that joint. I wouldn't want a burnt-down inlaws' house on my conscience; That would weigh on me almost as much as the question of weather I have enough wood stockpiled yet. :smirk:
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