a good cross cut saw for firewood

johnlvs2run Posted By johnlvs2run, Sep 25, 2011 at 5:05 PM

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    Black Jaque Janaviac
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    Dec 17, 2009
    I don't think there is anyone here who would argue that a 2-man saw can keep up with a good chainsaw. However, if you are not as concerned about cords per hour there are advantages that a 2-man saw has over any chainsaw.

    From my own experience:

    1 no need for earplugs
    2 no need for eye protection
    3 you can chat with the person while working
    4 you can hear all the other critters in the woods while working
    5 my back doesn't ache from stooping
    6 aerobic workout eliminates the need for expensive YMCA memberships.
    7 no need for chainsaw chaps
    8 no chainsaw stink on your clothes
    9 no breathing chainsaw exhaust

    I guess it comes down to the reasons why you heat with wood. For me, I don't heat with wood because I have to, I heat with wood because I want to. I try to choose hobbies that have a practical pay-off of some sort - but make no mistake about it - they are hobbies.

    That said I did get a chainsaw because my hope is to work fast to build up a supply of wood that is several years ahead of my burning and I thought to do that with a two-man saw would be unpleasant.
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