A scare in the woodpile

bluedogz Posted By bluedogz, Dec 24, 2011 at 9:09 PM

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  1. bluedogz

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    Oct 9, 2011
    NE Maryland
    Went out at about 11 last night to pick up the last sling of wood to stoke up for the night,

    When out of the pitch darkness of the yard comes: http://www.owlpages.com/sounds/Tyto-alba-3.mp3

    Felt like I was in the Blair Witch Project!

    Edit: Dang linky no worky... it's a common barn owl typical cry... sounds like a cat being run through a blender.
  2. WellSeasoned

    Guest 2.

    I could understand the scare. Owls are wonderful creatures, we get the great horned owls here a few times a year, and they can get very loud, especially when wanting to mate. They hoot back and fourth, it sounds like they are siting right outside my bedroom window when I'm in bed.
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