Add-on wood boiler

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Reggie Dunlap

Feeling the Heat
Dec 13, 2005
Northern Vermont
Does anyone know anything about the Eko boilers sold through New Horizon Corp. in West Virginia? They seem very similar to the Tarm, but at a more reasonable price. Their website has a lot of info. Any other suggestions for an affordable indoor wood boiler would be appreciated. Thanks,


New Member
Nov 30, 2005
I have a Harman coal/wood boiler. The model I have is the SF 160. I maintain 195-degree water with only 2, 5 gallons pails of nut coal for 24 hours. I think this is one of the better boilers out there today. It’s well made and the price is just right. What’s nice about this boiler if the power goes out I can still use it. you have to load it by hand and shake it.

Eric Johnson

Mod Emeritus
Nov 18, 2005
Central NYS
I emailed New Horizon for more information but never received a reply. Like you, I'm curious about alternatives to the Tarm.
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