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sgruver78 Posted By sgruver78, Jan 12, 2009 at 10:27 PM

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  1. sgruver78

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    Nov 30, 2008
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    ok so i am starting to get ticked off with this whole OWB :coolgrin: so i contacted Wood Doctor and they told me if i bought there new chimney transition kits it would bolt to a Duravent HTC base. So i ordered the simpson 9201 and it bolts up great to there transition kit. the only problem is that the 8 inch chimney section i bought Simpson 9606 won't fit to the base plate 9201. i am wondering if i should have ordered a collar or something to make these fit together. i checked out the Duravent website but that website is really hard for me to understand. just wondering if someone could help me on how i can connect the base to the pipe. here are the pieces below that i am trying to connect to each other. thanks!
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    The last I knew Tractor supply sold/sells Simpson chimney parts. I have the Duravent but mine is an older (20 yr) version and the new stuff won't hook up to mine. I would take your part and go to TSC (if you have one in the area) and see about getting the adapter or hook ups you need. Also call wood doctor and ask them if there is something else that they can recommend since they got you one part that works. There is bound to be a company in your area that sells wood stoves and pellet stoves and maybe they can help you find the part you need in one of their catalogs.
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