Adjusting aquastat daily this normal?

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New Member
Dec 19, 2021
The aquastat on my indoor wood boiler is set at 160 . When I am burning wood and keep the wood boiler around 180 ,my oil burning never fires on ( I LOVE IT!!!). However , I can’t run my wood boiler 24 hrs a day due to my long work hours. When I am not burning wood, my oil boiler continues to run all the time.. My thermostats in the house are set at 65 . I have one zone that is the “safety zone “ where any extra heat gets dump into that room and it gets up to 90 in that zone, but only when I am not burning wood. I have noticed that my wood boiler circulates when I am not burning wood due to the boiler temp usually stays around 160 (even when I am not burning wood) .I have to change the aquastat on the wood boiler to 200 to keep the wood boiler circular pump running, when I do this, my oil boiler runs as it should. So when I start a wood fire I have to change the wood boilers aquastat to 160 and when I am not burning wood I have to change the aquastat to 200 everyday… is this normal?


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Aug 22, 2010
Northern Canada
Sounds like storage would make you life better,
If your system is set up and plumbed right you should not have to change settings.
Pictures of you plumbing,how both boilers are tied together ect.Give as much info as you can for better answers.
I don't have to change any settings on either of my boilers.It is a seamless transition from wood heat to oil fired backup.When my storage temp drops below 105 F my oil boiler kicks in.It will continue to run till i start a fire and the wood side temp overrides the low setting on an aquastate which does the switch between fuel types.
At the end of my wood burning in the spring the oil boiler will continue to heat till it runs out of fuel,then it's summer and everything just sits till fall.I usually shut a valve on my heat ex changer between the two otherwise i get ghost flows through it which will heat the storage water a bit.
Storage is also a heat dump.