Adjusting (Aquastats) HI LO & Diff settings while using Wood Stove to heat

stejus Posted By stejus, Oct 5, 2009 at 4:38 PM

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    Can I set the controls to: HI 160 LO 140 Diff 10? I think I read oil burner furnaces don't like to get below 140 for some reason.

    I have a tankless water heater in my oil fired furnace. I would like to change my settings since I will only be using my boiler to heat DHW. I don't think I need to hold the boiler temp at 200 degrees because I will rarely use my baseboard heat because I have a wood stove that is the primary heat now.

    I think this will keep my DHW where I want it. If for some reason my thermostat kicks in during the winter, it will only pass 160 degree water through the pipes. I realize the baseboard heat will take forever at 160 degrees, but I really don't need it and it will rarely kick on.

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