Advice on installing cast Iron Fireplace

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New Member
Feb 6, 2024

I purchased an old Stovax Adelaide cast iron fireplace for around £50 as it seemed like a bargain. The last owner used with gas burner. I was considering using the same, or perhaps having my chimney lined etc to burn solid fuel.I am however missing a section of the fireplace. At the top of the fireplace there is an insert which blocks the fireplace and the chimney breast. I think this is the 'Damper' from what research I've done. I know very little about fireplaces. The previous owner claims the fireplace was installed without that part and it was already in the house when they moved in. I have attached a photo of the missing section.What are the consequences for missing this section? Will it limit what I am able to do with the fireplace?

Many thanks.

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