Advice on new insert. Size help?

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New Member
Sep 5, 2021

I’ve been researching which insert to purchase, as this my first I’ve purchased myself I’m getting a little confused on what to select

I was originally were going to try and stick to the 26% tax credit models, but the more I’ve read the more I’m not sure they’re what I’m looking for.

i’m in Portland Oregon, so not extremely cold, and the insert will only be used to supplement an existing central heating system. My main reason for purchasing is to make our fireplace a bit safer and efficient, but also to replace an older freestanding stove that’s currently in the fireplace. The 30 year old stove is not certified at all, so i have to remove it ( i just purchased the house ) I’m not as interested in super long burn times, but are more hoping to find something that also gives me the visuals of a fire rather than low burns.

The space the fireplace is in is slightly under 500 sqft, with 8’ ceilings but the full floor sqft is around 1200 including bedrooms. the fireplace itself can fit a large unit, as the space where the freestanding stove is 39” wide and 35” tall but I clearly do not need a large unit. It has an arched opening that I am okay with covering.

the more I read the more it seems like I should go with a non-cat unit, but I’m nervous that those will be harder to find? Any recommendations on size for that space? I’ve gotten mixed messages from the dealers I’ve spoken to. One of the dealers i spoke to quoted me nearly 6k on a blaze king model plus installation but that seems like overkill for my space. I’ve looked at regency, blaze king, Lopi and Kuma. The regency definitely appeals to me due to the air wash system.

thanks so much!


Staff member
Nov 18, 2005
South Puget Sound, WA
Sounds like a medium-sized insert will work ok. In non-cats ook at ~2 cu ft inserts by PE, Quadrafire, Lopi, Regency, etc. The PE Super insert would work well, especially if the chimney is <15' tall.


Minister of Fire
Jan 19, 2019
SE North Carolina
Well since you are in the shopping phase I would add I am very happy with my hearth mounted stove. If you wanted to take advantage of the tax credit look at the morso 7110, it’s small so it not really a recommendation but an option. I just ordered

and will receive this week, a Drolet 1800i from Costco. Best value for inserts I have seen anywhere and I have been searching for a long time. The have a smaller 1400i available from other retailers. I would have loved a Blaze king but it made no sense to spend that amount of money(second wood stove for a house in the south).
If this is not a DIY install that extra money for the blazeking, say 2000$, over the life of the stove is less than 100$ a year. Having that turn down option could be nice. I didn’t get a cat stove for the reason that I have a heatpump so when it’s warm enough for the heatpump it’s my first choice.

as a point of reference my 1.7 cu ft stove heats a 2000sq ft 1960s ranch with new windows (living room 75 bedrooms 65). Fine down to about 25 degrees outside but I have to reload every 3-4 hours at that temp. (A three ton AC /heatpump cools the same, plus another 1000sq ft basement fine when the temp are 95 outside).

I personally like the arched fireplaces and would not want to cover it. But that can all be figured out after you make a choice.