Advice/recommendations for microconcrete/microcement application on hearth and surround?

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New Member
Dec 11, 2021

We are installing a Drolet Escape 1800 in our house and I'm interested in doing a micro concrete coating hearth and floor-ceiling surround. Currently I've just got durock up on the studs in the room corner and floor as a non-combustible base. The stove model doesn't need any floor R-value, and it will have adequate spacing from the corner walls for no heatshield.

Has anyone used any of the microcement products out there?

I'm finding lots of different kits on European websites, but not much in the US. Most of the kits come prepackaged with a primer, middle layers, and sealer/finisher.

Also, as far as application process, I'm trying to figure out if it can be applied directly over the durock (perhaps with bonding primer and mesh), or if I should cover the full durock sheets with thinset in addition to the joints, then do the microcement over the thinset.

Looking for both: 1) application process suggestions, and 2) any particular microcement product recommendations available in US.