Advise on purchasing Jotul 8 with crack

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Jul 19, 2023
I’m looking to purchase a used Jotul series 8 AP for $800. The stove seems to be in good condition except for two things:

1: Part of the inside ash tray is rusted:
Advise on purchasing Jotul 8 with crack

2: there is a crack running partway down the back of the stove across the catalytic converter:
Advise on purchasing Jotul 8 with crack

Advise on purchasing Jotul 8 with crack

Is this a good purchase?
I wouldn’t take it for free as a heating appliance. A planter sure. Cute coffee table with storage ok.

Look what you can get new with warranty for just a little more.
Thanks for the feedback. I'm looking for a rear flue stove, so I went for the Jotul 8 series. Drolet has one rear venting model (Cape Town), but it's $2500. Any suggestions on other manufacturers with rear venting stoves?
WOW- hard to believe someone would ask that for that stove, which was one of Jotul's poorest design. As good as Jotul's are, their old cat stoves weren't great performers, but they did what they could to make em work... I'd stay far away from that one tho. Get something safe, you are inviting fire into your house. Keep warm, easy to do today, its nice and warm out in SE CT.
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First thought that is similar to the Jotul 8 would be a used F400 Castine single door unit. It rearvents, has a short leg option if needed.
Hard to go against Jotul, they are aesthetically pleasing, but would avoid their old cat models. A mid size steel stove would be fairly affordable too, easy to operate and provide good heat.
I have both an insert (Drolet 1800) and an F400. The F400 looks better the 1800 at 2.4 cu ft heats much better and burns longer.
Woodstock makes rear-vented stoves. Hearthstone too.