Against the Rules

chuck172 Posted By chuck172, Oct 14, 2012 at 9:20 AM

  1. chuck172

    Minister of Fire 2.

    Apr 24, 2008
    Sussex County, NJ
    For years I've been burning my wood full blast, letting my 500 gallon tank soak up the heat only to watch my tank slowly cool, my wood pile shrink amazingly fast, and time to build anothe fire.
    I know it's the shoulder season, but I do use huge amounts of domestic hot water.
    For the heck of it I lowered my tarm aquastat to max out at 180*, Lowered my maximum tank temp to 175*.
    I just can't believe how long my fire is lasting. I mean a drastic difference in the quantity of wood burned. I just lit the boiler once, loaded it up, let it go. I added some wood very sparingly, My house is warm and hot water is hot.
    Downside to this is with all the idling, I am getting creosote buildup where before it was just ash.
    I know the math doesn't add up. I'm supposed to be burning very inefficiently with all this idling but I know I'm burning much less wood!

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