AGP overfeeds pellet and takes a few times to ignite


Feb 14, 2013
The burn platform fills with pellets but doesn’t ignite. The stove shuts down and throws a flashing green and red fault. I reset by unplugging or sometime just hit the stop button and it resets. I clear the burn platform and restart for a second time. The burn platform fills up spilling u burned pellets into the ash pan but typically starts on the second attempt. I clean the stove every week. Is it not getting enough combustion air? Is there a gasket leak that’s allowing too much air? Is it a metering issue that’s pushing too many pellets on to the burn platform too quickly. Once the pellets ignite the stove operates fine. OrginalLy I had it on a thermostat and it worked awesome for 3 years. I’ve had a tech out at least 5 time with no luck. They clean it push start and say see it works. The next day it doesn’t.