air bubble trapped in Viqua uv water filter housing?

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Dec 4, 2017
NW Ontario
Hey all, I changed the filters in my 'big blue' water cartridges today, but forgot to bleed the air out of the system before I started running water again. My UV lamp/filter sits below the big blues (like at a lower elevation and on the downstream side), and then the water goes out the bottom of it and back up a pipe to my various faucets. I ran the water out all the taps to try and flush the air, and it spurted and blew bubbles for awhile and is now flowing nicely out of all taps. However, I can hear the water trickling into my UV lamp housing as if it's empty (like a hollow tinging noise as if the canister is empty when the water is flowing in as opposed to just the sound of water flowing through a full canister), and I'm worried that somehow there is an air bubble sitting in the top of the UV canister that is trapped there. I'm I paranoid? Or does this sound normal?

I've never had occasion to stand next to the UV and listen to what 'normal' sounds like, so I'm not even sure if this is any different than what it always sounds like. Thoughts? Would the water pressure be enough to displace the air out of the UV with water flowing in the top and out the bottom? Anybody else ever listen to the sounds of water flowing through their system?
I wouldn't worry too much about it, as you run more water through it the air will dissolve into the water and go away on its own. It's not like a closed loop where the air will accumulate over time.

But if you're really worried about it, Are there any threaded fittings nearby you could loosen up to try and purge some air out? But, that may be opening up a can of worms if they are a little crusty and may leak once you touch them. I would leave it alone personally if it's not giving you any trouble.