Air conditioner and furnace help

jeromehdmc Posted By jeromehdmc, Apr 20, 2013 at 8:52 PM

  1. jeromehdmc

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    We're looking to replace out A/C and furnace. Both were made in 1987. We are trying to find units that are made in the USA but it is not as easy as it should be. A brand might have some units made in the US and some made in Mexico. Some have their headquarters here and all manufacturing is done elsewhere. Does anyone know of any made in the USA units? Are the units mostly the same quality or are some better than others? It seems whoever we talked to their units were the best.
    Also is it a good idea to replace both units at the same time?

    Thanks Larry
  2. basod

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    Ruud/Rheem make some of the more durable units - not 100% sure every part is made in USA
    Get something with a scroll compressor - they last a lot longer.
    For the most part packaged split systems will be easier(less costly) to install than buying one half of the system

    FWIW my Ruud unit has a 1981 date code and still runs like a top. Sadly the drain pan in the evaporator is rusting through and has me considering an upgraded unit

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