Air space around pellet stove pipe?

imacman Posted By imacman, Aug 11, 2008 at 10:36 PM

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  1. imacman

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    I'm retro-fitting my Astoria pellet stove to the original 8" wood stove pipe that goes through the ceiling in my great room. I know the pellet stove won't get as hot as the wood stove did, especially after it goes from 4" to the 8" before it goes through the ceiling.

    When I look up into the opening, the fiberglas insulation is about 12" away from the existing 8" pipe.

    I guess I have 2 questions....can I add more insulation back around the pipe next to the rafters? And if so, can I use the 3" air space specified in the Avalon owners manual?

    I'm also considering using some Great Stuff spray foam to seal up the roof flashing (I can see small amounts of daylight coming through around the edges)...good or bad idea?

    Any thoughts on these issues will be a great help.....thanks in advance!
  2. coreystaf

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    Aug 3, 2008
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    The thing to keep in mind when you are using an existing wood chimney pipe to install some other type of fuel burning appliance is
    that you should always make sure that the old chimney is still installed properly. This is especially important when you move or are no longer living in your house. The new owners may not realize that you put insulation too close to the pipe and switch back to a woodburner without inspecting the chimney-potentially causing a fire. Spray foam insulation would also be considered a combustible so if you use it make sure that it meets clearance requirements to any chimney in close proximity.

    Concerning chimney pipe clearance: most classA chimney manufacturers require 2" airspace clearance to combustibles, best to try to find a embossed label or sticker and check clearances on the chimney that you have
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