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    I purchased a home this summer that has an airtight wood stove. I would like to relocate it to my living room from its current location in the Family room. Can I run the chimney through the wall (from living room to family room) in order to use the existing chimney through the roof? It would mean a horizontal run of about five feet?

    The current dimensions are:

    vertical from stove to first 90 degree - 3.5 feet horizontal to second 90 degree - 2 feet vertical through roof to chimney cap - Appox. 10 feet

    Therefore, can the horizontal be five feet and can it pass through an inside wall in order to reach the existing chimney?


    In general, no..the pipe should not extend through another combustible wall on the way to the chimney. The exception would be if the entire run of the chimney is insulated class A chimney. In other words, a tee would be installed at the bottom of the existing chimney and the horizontal piping run through the wall to your new location. The problem with this, in your case, is chimney height. With 5 foot of horizontal and 10 foot of vertical, it's almost a given that the chimney will not draft well.
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