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NH_ Pellet

New Member
Sep 13, 2023
Is it possible that a March 2006 Castile Insert does not have an air wash ? The present door gasket goes all the way around the 4 sides and needs replacing.
Thanks Tim
I don’t remember the vintage of my
Parents Castile 200? The bottom is open with no gasket. Can you look at the parts list and get a length. Alternatively just buy an OEM gasket it “should “ come the correct length
Thanks, I have the 2006 parts list with the OEM part number and it is sold in 10' lengths, which doesn't shed any light on the air wash issue. I'm just wondering if the air wash design didn't start until after March 2006.
I think you nailed it. The model #'s listed includes the 2006 and the pics certainly show a bottom air wash. The thing that was tripping me up was the present gasket going around all 4 sides, but knowing this stove is 17 years old I'm sure the present gasket is not original and possibly a prior owner just gasketed all 4 sides.

thanks a ton !
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