Airflow Through Superior / Heatform fireplace "Heatilator" tubes

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New Member
Feb 19, 2021
I have a Superior Fireplace "Heatform" fireplace that was installed in 1984. The "Heatilator" type airflow through tubes around the firebox worked well up until a year or so ago. Since then the airflow through the system has decreased to almost nothing. With the two fans on a very small amount of air does come through. It appears that something has plugged the system but I cannot see, not that there is much of the system visible, any obstruction. Any ideas as to what has happened to the air flow system?
Has the cat been missing for awhile?
Nope....both cats still around. However an additional discovery is that with the heatilator fan on I get an airflow up through the "Outside" air vent at the bottom front of the firebox. With a fire burning and the heatilator fan off there is a noticeable airflow through that airvent as one would expect. Apparently the heatilator fan is venting into the outside air intake at some point however in looking at various diagrams I can't figure out where that would occur.