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El Finko Posted By El Finko, Sep 6, 2012 at 2:09 PM

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    Thanks to all for your input. You've helped immensly with the stove procurement process. I pulled the trigger and ordered a 30NC from the depot and in another 2 weeks it'll be here. Yeah buddy!
    I've scored four cords of seasoned (2 years) hardwood and will be schlepping that this weekend, and I have the sweep set to come and clean the chimney. I'll also pick his brain about 6" liner install. But before I do, I'll pick yours:
    (1) I figure a flexible liner is going to be the best option, because my basement flue makes a left turn above the fireplace damper in order to dodge the first floor fireplace directly above it. Flexible to me means corrugated which means little crevices for creosote to cling to. I thought I read somewhere about a flexible liner that's smooth on the inside. Help me out.
    (2) Top vent 30NC means I'm punching through the face of the fireplace. No combustibles to worry about- it's all brick and concrete block. But is it something I can do myself?
    (3) What do I need as far as stove pipe? All I know is that there's single and double wall. Is that jst because of proximity to combustibles?
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    If you DO go for the liner shown in begreen's link, think about getting the pulling cone as well. It may seem
    like an unnecessary expense to you at this time, but if there's a corbeil in your existing chimney, believe me,
    you probably won't get the liner thru it without the cone. I've installed a LOT of liners, & even a straight run can be a biotch & that's with two guys on the liner, one pushing/guiding & the other pulling on a rope...
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    I have the same issue. My new flue is a combination of rigid and flex. The flex got me through the offset.

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