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    I am a new pollen allergy patient. Doctor told me the grass, birch tree and many other plants' pollen are the causes. Recently I found I have some symptoms during the morning hour at home. The first thing when I get up is to fire my wood stove. I am thinking the fire wood may be polluted with pollen and cause my allergy. We also have few indoor plants in our living room. They may be no good as well.

    Is there anybody has or heard similar thing? I am still try to confirm where is the source causes my allergy. thanks,
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    My kids' allergy doctor explained that allergy sufferers typically are allergic to numerous things. The thing is, it builds up to a threshold level above which you get symptoms. You could be exposed to many things you're allergic to, but as long as it's below the threshold you have no symptoms... then add one little thing, you're over the threshold, and you have symptoms. The particulates in wood smoke may be putting you over the threshold.
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