Alternative DYI Baffle Gasket Replacement for a PE

Sisu Posted By Sisu, Nov 1, 2012 at 11:08 AM

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    Sep 28, 2009
    When I went to clean my chimney in September, I decided to try out the idea I had for replacing the stock baffle gasket for my Pacific Energy Super Insert. As anyone with a PE knows, the stock gaskets are pretty fragile, falling apart during the baffle removal after a burn season.

    I know Hogz has posted his version, using the braided door gasket material, which looks pretty good and is reusable. But I had some spare Roxul batts, so I decided to see if I could use this instead. I took out the old gasket (Left in the picture below) carefully and outlined the shape on a piece of cardboard. I cut out the traced shape and the cut piece of cardboard is now my template (center in the picture below). Next, using the template, I cut the overall profile in the batt of Roxul, using a serrated bread knife. The key to cutting Roxul is using a serrated blade, as a regular straight edge will tear through Roxul (no matter how sharp the blade is). After the brick is cut out of the batt, a horizontal cut is made, so you cut about a 1/2" thick piece. Finally, using the template over top the 1/2" thick piece, you cut out the center rectangle.

    After that, you now have a Roxul baffle gasket (Right in the picture below) that you put into place, prior to putting the baffle back. It fits like a charm, and seems to be doing the job (Refer to the bottom picture). The baffle fitted overtop with no issues and the material compressed nicely so that the baffle pin could be placed back easily.

    I will see next year how the well the gasket faired. Even if it requires replacement every year, one batt of Roxul would supply enough gasket material for the life of the stove. It also beats paying $5.00+ for the PE baffle gasket evey year.

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