Alternatives to Jotul F500 V3 and VC Dauntless?

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Jan 19, 2023
I'm having a new stove (and pipe and everything else) installed in my 80s-era home, and - until searching here - I had the stoves narrowed down to the Jotul F500 V3 and the Vermont Castings Dauntless.

But the reviews and issues on these have me reconsidering, and it sounds like I should avoid combusters. Since it's a new install, I might as well get one that has the tax credit since I'm installing from scratch. So I suppose I'm looking for non-cat EPA models that also:
  • will burn overnight
  • heats roughly 1500sq ft without overpowering the room
  • accepts 16"+ pieces
  • cast iron vs. steel is not a concern
  • traditional look
  • will last without swapping in $300-600 parts every few years
  • has good manufacturer/dealer support
  • re: budget, the Jotul was at the top of my range
  • the less prissy it is, the better. I want heat and good looking flames, not something else to babysit
What would you recommend that are comparable to these Jotul and Vermont Castings stoves? Next on my research list is the Osburn 2000. Checks the boxes so far. What else?


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Jan 19, 2019
SE North Carolina
Pacific Energy T6


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I’d go with T5, but I don’t think it qualifies for the tax credit.

How big is the room? How good is your floor plan at moving heat?
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