Aluminum tape on Secure Temp S2100 Chimney and Fire Stop

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New Member
Aug 8, 2022
British Columbia
Another rookie question

I have had a Pacific Energy FP16 installed in a previously uninsulated chase. I have insulated the chase up to 8' and built in a ceiling in the chase at that height (2x6 with rockwool insulation, vapour barrier and sheeted with durock). I had asked for an insulation shield but the installer just ran the pipe straight through the ceiling with a simple firestop. He told me it was fine to pack insulation around the pipe to reduce airflow through the firestop (which obviously has lots of gaps). After I pointed out that the S2100 manual indicated that the 2" clearance had to be void space rather than non-combustable material he reluctantly came back and installed an adjustable attic radiation shield. So this leads me to my question.

I now have rockwool in the space between the attic radiation shield and the framing, I know this is OK (that is the point of the radiation shield)..... but probably in response to my concerns about airflow the installer also heavily aluminum taped the gap between the firestop on the radiation shield and the pipe below with aluminum tape, he also aluminum taped the joint between the pipe coming out of the fireplace and elbow above. Is this an issue? The installation manual mentions nothing about tape on joints? Does the aluminum tape represent a fire risk? He also aluminum taped the firestop to the framing... The vapour barrier is stapled to this framing and as this is outside the 2" clearance I guess it is OK to use the foil tape in place of tuck tape at this location? With half of the strip of tape on the firestop and the other half on the vapor barrier?

Any thoughts welcome, Thanks!
The metal tape is overkill and not needed or recommended for class a chimney pipe joints.