Am I crazy to get rid of my Cawley Lemay?

Mattfrombdale Posted By Mattfrombdale, Dec 12, 2010 at 1:46 AM

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  1. Mattfrombdale

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    Nov 5, 2010
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    Hi all,
    I have been pondering getting a new stove for a couple of reasons and I want to know if you think I am crazy for doing so. I have a Cawley Lemay 400 and it has worked ok for us, but with the current tax credits I started to think that maybe I should replace it. I have been thinking that it would be more efficient and burn less wood. As I look at stoves the Morso's appeal to me but the only one that would best fit my space is the 2b Classic or standard and the firebox in it is way smaller than the one that I have now. I don't know that I would be happy with downsizing that much. The problem is that the stove is in a room that is about 500 sq ft and then attaches to the rest of the house through a hallway. Some heat moves but I wouldn't say that the stove is heating the whole house (maybe keeping it in the low 60's in midwinter here in NY state). When I have our current stove running really hot it will heat our main room into the mid to high 70's which gets to be uncomfortable so I run this balance of stoking the fire and then letting it die and then forgetting about it and then restoking it, etc. I guess I am wondering if the CL is just too big for the room and maybe I should downsize anyway, but then I worry about a new stove not getting heat to the rest of the house and then it being really cold in the other room (the only thermostat for the downstairs is in the main room with the woodstove so I don't turn heat on elsewhere when the stove is on).

    I know that this was longwinded but I wanted to give you some background on where I am at and see if anyone could give me some perspective on the Morso stoves or even the Jotul that might replace the CL, Or if I am crazy and should just keep on with the stove we have.
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    From what I've read the Cawley was a good stove. I'd be inclined to work on distributing the heat. Have you tried placing a fan on the hallway floor blowing cool air from the rest of the house, towards the stove room? If not, give this a try. You might just want to stick with the CL.
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