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Bxpellet Posted By Bxpellet, Oct 15, 2008 at 10:24 AM

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    I post this before, read my manual, checked all the gaskets, called the dealer he said something has to be clogged, ripped the stove apart, vacuumed cleaned all the blowers, ran a brush through the vent pipe all the way down to the tee, to the point that I could see it, put the vacuum on reverse and blew all the crap out nothing seamed clogged, fired up the stove during the day it seamed fine no smoke, fired it up last night turned on the driveway light and you can see smoke coming from the vent,
    now is this normal and I just did not notice it before Or is it because I am just letting it burn for 20 minute to a half hour, they are more like test burns, or just to take the chill out of the house. it is a tee with a 5ft. rise elbow 1ft. out 45 and a termination cap. when the stove gets going it has a nice active tall flame not lazy, all the pellets are being burnt, this is the second season wth to stove, the pellets that I am using are cubex and NEWP.
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    A little smoke from a Harman is normal. They smoke the most on start up, but they will smoke a little when the feed is increasing (I.E. fire getting bigger) especially with a relatively cold (first 30 min) fire.
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