Another cracked PE insert replaced

jqgs214 Posted By jqgs214, Sep 27, 2011 at 4:48 PM

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  1. rdust

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    Feb 9, 2009
    If I was the people having trouble issues right now and was called out like you guys were I'd be nothing short of insulted. You don't spend the money to R&D a new stove design if the original isn't flawed, period. I think *most* of the people here take much better care of their stoves than the majority of the wood burning population. It's also been shown that most of the dealers can't tell a user where to take a temp and what an over fire temp is so how can they claim abuse.
  2. begreen

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    Nov 18, 2005
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    True that, ask 5 dealers and you will likely get 5 different answers. I do appreciate that some stove companies like Jotul give clear directions where to locate the thermostat and what temp to run the stove.
  3. BrowningBAR

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    Jul 22, 2008
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    I can say that is a fact in this specific case based on my phone calls.
  4. iceman

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    mine was drilled out the first time. This time I am told not to grind it even to the stove.... to leave a bump. I dont recall buying the stove with bumps on either side of the door????
    pe shoul change everything written about the stove.. If I cant burn it hot enough to heat 2500 sq ft
    then why say it heats large areas? rate it for >1800. I called pe often and was told to "pack it to the gills" "load it to the baffle, thats why it floats" Now I have someone telling me its overfired, A company that says the inside looks good, and someone else who says my wood is to dry! Lmao! 3 different things from 3 different "Professionals" Oh, lets not forget the 4th, a professional welder with a long resume who says its a flaw and will come back year after year!
  5. Sprinter

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    Jul 1, 2012
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    I can't help but wonder how many other stoves among the various manufacturers have cracks that are unseen and unreported unless they are in obvious locations. I doubt if most users inspect their stoves very carefully, especially inside, and most cracks don't cause obvious problems.

    However, when I was looking at stoves for us, I inspected all the floor models I saw very carefully. One of the stoves I looked at was an older PE Super 27 of unknown vintage that was used for a long time as a floor demo. I remember not being impressed with the somewhat sloppy weld quality, and it had a thick bracket that wasn't even bent properly (not related to age). However, I also saw a newer Alderlea T5 (basically the same box as Super 27) and it looked fine, so I bought a Super 27 anyway. The stove I got has very nice looking welds and all the other construction points look very good as well. The point is that, PE may have gone through a period of less than stellar QC even though the basic stove design was good on paper, and that may account for some belated warranty issues. And if a particular stove did have QC issues, it may have developed cracks even in the absence of overfiring. Point being that it may be a bit unfair to arbitrarily accuse every warranty claimant of abuse unless it can be proven that the manufacturing was not part of the problem.

    Of course, making a habit of overfiring surely is asking for it (whatever that term means:rolleyes:. Like some others, I'd like to have it a little more well defined, especially if a future warranty claim may be at issue).
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