Another wood stove power vent question

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Sep 13, 2023
Western MD
Hello, I know this question has been asked but hear me out. Is it possible to horizontally vent a wood stove using some sort of power vent assistance? I'm not thinking of an inline vent but something that runs parallel with the stove pipe and WYE's in downstream creating a venturi effect vacuum, has this even been tried?

I know people will say power outage, assume it's a stove or fireplace that could be shut down.

Some background on my project, finishing our basement and wanting to add some sort of fire feature. I have considered a pellet stove, and we may go that route, but I hate buying pellets when we own a lot of land and I cut a lot of firewood every year for our outdoor stove. A real wood fire is what I prefer. We would probably light a fire and handful times each year and it would be for ambiance only, not necessarily a significant heat source for the house.

We don't have a chimney and a vent pipe would be about 40 ft to get 3 ft above the peak. Also we have covered wrap around porches so I'd like to avoid cutting holes and running pipe for that reason. The pics below should help describe the situation. I welcome any/all suggestions, thanks.

If I end up with a standard vent, is 40 ft too long?
I've seen videos of gasification wood boilers that vent down into a metal drum, that's what I was thinking in the sketch below.

Another wood stove power vent questionAnother wood stove power vent question

Thanks again,
I don't think that would ever pass. There is too much risk of fire to the building. It would be much better to consider placing the stove on the main floor and/or putting an alternate source of heat in the basement.