Any folks with System 2000 (Energy Kinetics install experience)

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Jul 11, 2008
Northern NH
Its looking like my 35 year old cast iron backup oil boiler has decided to leak. I have used it as a cold start for years and over the summer I have found a constant wet spot around it. I shut off the water to it and let it sit and it seems to have stopped but guess my entire boiler loop is dry. I have a 10 year old System 2000 boiler I picked up from someone that is getting off oil. Its designed for cold start operation as its welded steel, with no cast iron sections to leak. I really do not need a lot of capability of it as I have a Taco boiler control system that runs the thermostats and sets priority so all I really need is a basic aquastat for the rare times it will ever run. It came with an old control board with obvious corrosion on it and a newer board that was installed. Its got a heat small heat exchanger for hot water zone that I expect will get scrapped. Even if I could seal up the old boiler, these rigs seem to be lot quieter than regular oil boilers and is equipped with fresh air hood and remote air intake.

So any tricks I should know about these rigs?
We had System 2000 put in the last house we built in 2001 and lived there 11 years. It supplied baseboard heat to our walk out level rooms, to staple up radiant for the main floor and a hot water tank. We seldom used the radiant. The cookstove along with the downstairs base board thermostat set low was enough. It had the outside air intake and vented through a sidewall.

I was happy with it. I don’t know much about boilers and don’t have any tricks. The only problem I recall was some vibration. I remember the service tech draining the part of the system when working to solve it.

Edit: Oh yeah, it did require an adjustment when the vent pipe was sooting up.
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it probably rusted thru. that is the problem with cold start boilers. on a cast iron boiler the thing usually cracks. on steel they rot out. and if feed new water a lot there is usually to much minerals in the water and will have a lot of buildup and let go. usually you can tell if there is to many minerals because the boiler will knock when it gets hot. if the boiler stays above 140 degrees there is usually no problem