Any info on Enviro kodiak 1700 inserts?

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Nov 21, 2005
Southeastern NH
Hi everyone. Awesome website. I've been reading the great info on this site on and off for several years but I've been paying closer attention the last few months since I'm getting a wood burning insert for the fireplace. Time to stop lurking and post something. We've recently moved into a house (1600sqft, somewhat open floorplan) with a fireplace so its time to move into the modern era of burning wood. I've ordered an Enviro Kodiak 1700 since it was recommended to me by my installer as being a good alternative to an Avalon. However, this insert has only been out for a short time and I haven't been able to find much "real world" info on it. It also seems like a great value at $1600 with many features included in higher priced inserts....2.5 cu ft firebox,1000 to 2200ft heating area, 8-12 hour burn, 20" logs, 75% efficiency, etc. The blower is included in the price. I was really interested in the thermal mass of the Hearthstone Clydesdale but it was $2100 without the blower and had a smaller firebox.

I was recently told by the stove dealer that it'll be at least January until I see my insert. I spoke with Enviro and they have sold every unit of every model that they make and have been working 24/7 for a few months already. So I might be considering alternatives. My installer has suggested a Napoleon insert as another option. I have my old Vermont Casting Resolute (circa 1990) to use until the insert comes.

If anyone has any thoughts on the Enviro or other inserts I'd appreciate the feedback. Like I said, I have been reading the postings a lot lately so no need to repeat recent info.

Great new look for the site!

Thanks in advance.
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