Any Petromax Owners out there?

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Jul 11, 2008
Northern NH
I picked up a new Petromax lantern recently mostly for the novelty of it. Incredibly complicated German craftsman ship to burn pressurized kerosene in a lantern. They seem to be popular with the Amish. I see various You Tube videos on repair and operation as they do seem to get out of adjustment.

Any hints or words or wisdom?


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Jan 12, 2009
SW Virginia
They look a lot like the Coleman units that use white gas.
So these use kerosene instead? Interesting.


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Oct 30, 2022
Im going to pruchace a Petromax & run it on some low sulpher diesel and see what the lamp copes like. I am lucky that i get free diesel where i am.
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Dec 5, 2005
Sand Lake, NY
I don't have a Petromax but do have a Coleman that runs on kerosene. I haven't used it yet though. :)
Apropos of nothing, I do have a bunch of Aladdin mantle lamps, but they are non-pressurized..
I would think that diesel has the potential of being smelly. I think if I were to try this, I would extinguish the lantern outside of the house. On my Aladdins the wick seems to continue to draw fuel and tends to be smelly on shutdown. On startup, not so much so. I think the mantles on these lamps tend to eliminate the stinkiness when glowing.