Any Soft Wood Douglas Fir in Hudson Valley NY Area? Got sticker shock online!


Dec 27, 2010
Hudson Valley, NY
last year I had some Hot Shots Douglas Fir and loved the tiny amount of ash and the great heat they put out. I was gonna try spending a little more for next winter and buy Douglas Fir, but the only ones I can find are Clean Fire Douglas Fir from and they are freaking $409 per ton + delivery Holy COW!.
Normally, my only real options around here are Home Depot, Lowes, or TCS (which doesn't deliver) and those $249 per ton, minus a 10% veterans discount at Lowes. Those big Box stores is what I've used for 10 years, but the quality varies so much year to year $409 per ton online though is over 60% more which is crazy expensive.


Minister of Fire
Dec 19, 2009
Eastern Ontario
You are paying for transportation from the west coast
going to cost a lot more.
Doug fir never seem to get any closer to me than Toronto
and they want an arm a leg and you're firstborn.
Think I will stick with Cubix