Anyone have a handheld electric chainsaw pruner?

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Minister of Fire
Oct 10, 2022
I was looking at the Stihl handheld pruner with a 4" bar. I've read some reviews and many seem to have problems with the chain coming off. It would really be handy for simple pruning and cutting saplings that pop up where we don't want them. Anyone have the Stihl or something similar? Is it worth it or is it just a waste of money?
My kids got my wife one of those $49 cheapie Chinese handhelds from Amazon a year or so ago and it wore out fast. So I stopped by a pawn shop and bought a Milwaukee M12 one based on the reviews, I think it was $180. It has the chain oiler which is not very common, and it cuts like a beast. Much safer working on pruning while up a ladder than my regular chainsaw (Stihl 018C). Handles up to about 3" limbs.
I’m not a fan of the single handed chain pruners. I just think it not as safe as a two handed unit. If you are a regular chain saw operator I think the one handed ok. If you hardly ever touch a saw these are better.

I touch saws more often than I like some days.
The Stihl doesn't have a reservoir and only a 4" bar and a pretty dinky chain adjustment. I've read reviews and many say the chain falls off easily.
how long is the bar on the Milwaukee. I've not looked at the gator style, looks interesting.