Anyone Know Where to Sell 6" Double Wall Stove pipe??

trb157 Posted By trb157, Jul 18, 2006 at 4:32 PM

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  1. trb157

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    Jul 12, 2006
    I have about 30' of double wall insulated stove pipe that was originally part of two exhausts from a hotel that used one of the sets of pipe lines to exhaust kitchen stoves. The other line is apparently unused. It is 6" pipe in 2' sections with some adjustable elbows, with 1" clearance to combustibles. I got the pipe when I thought I was going to need it for my coal stove. Now it is just sitting in my basement collecting dust. I know the stuff isn't cheap to buy so I thought I could sell some and cut someone a break in the process. Where can I do this other than Ebay? I know there is a for sale part of this site but I thought I'd bring it up here. Not even sure what to charge. Thanks

  2. elkimmeg

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    Tim you have to identify the pipe.IT could be stainless outside alumiun inside ,used for gas appliance venting, but not suitable for wood stove usage. A manufacture and model number would be helpfull plus any UL listings like Class A or HT 2100 Right now besides being double wall nobody, even you, knows what you are attempting to sell. Is it air insulater or solid filled insulated. One also might need the manufactures info to purchase additional elbows or correct termination caps. IS the clearance to combustiables for a gas appliance or wood/ coal. I could never issue a premit till the pipe is correctly identified for the appliccation.
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