Anyone service Europas in ME/NH?

gkudaka Posted By gkudaka, Oct 22, 2009 at 10:26 PM

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    I got my Europa from someone who bought it from Dellpoint before Regency took over, then had the new controller board replaced by FPI/Regency. He got it t the end of heating season, and come time to use it again, could never get it running right again. He was so busy he just bought another stove and let this Europa sit there for a couple of years. Then he sold it to me.

    I had been using a US Stove and was hooked on pellets. I like the efficiency and multi-fuel advantage Europa offered. Plus, it is worlds better than the US Stove.

    My husband took on getting the Europa running as a project, and thought he had mastered it. Said he had it running this summer for 8 hrs. We moved it inside and installed it where the US Stove was. Now we're getting E1 and E5 messages.

    Claude over Paromax has been great, but I'm wondering if there is anybody who lives around here.

    Thanks, Geraldine
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