Q&A Are all gas logs created equal?

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    Are all gas logs created equal? I am thinking of converting my masonry fireplace to gas using vented logs. I understand that these logs are not that efficient and are more decorative then functional. My first question is do they give off any heat at all? We currently build a fire leave the doors open for better viewing and we get some heat. Would the gas logs radiate about like that or less?

    Which leads to my second question, does it make a difference if the logs are kiln fired ceramic, ceramic refractory, or refractory cement? I am confused and would like the log that would radiate the most heat into the room.


    You may get a small amount of heat into the room, but don't count on it. The embers of a wood fire are much hotter than a gas fire, so the radiant heat may not feel the same.

    The type of log construction should not make any difference.

    Maybe a "semi" vented log like the Monesson "Smartfire" , which provides some heat and is also vented might suit you. See if you can find a dealer for this or a similar brand.
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