Are most pellet brands regional?

DneprDave Posted By DneprDave, Oct 29, 2012 at 11:31 AM

  1. DneprDave

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    Nov 19, 2011
    Western WA
    I don't see any of the pellet brands discussed on this forum, here in Western Washington.
    The only exception I see discussed around here, that is sold locally, is Pres-to-Log brand, which is also the most expensive, $248/ton, I don't know how they sell them around here.

    The ones I see around here are are Clean Burn, Olympus, and Cascade (which is made by Olympus). I don't see any mention of these brands on the forum.

    All are good quality softwood pellets that range $189 to $198/ton.

    What are the national brands of wood pellets?

  2. imacman

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    Yes, AFAIK, most pellets are made regionally.

    Presto-Logs are made by Lignetics, which has plants around the country (Idaho, Va, & W. Va.).....that's why you see them in your area. One of the few "national" brands.
  3. DirtyDave

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    Nov 22, 2011
    western wa
    Blazers are made in columbia city Ore and sold at Winco of all places by the bag, Home depot in lacey had them 3 weeks ago. Fred Meyers sold alaska to north , southern Cal, and I am no longer certian on how far east, last load I hauled east was salt lake city ut. 187 to 229 a ton
    Lignetics are made in sand point Id and are available in elma and montasano feed stores i thinks
    bear mountian is made in Cascade Locks ore a guy in yelm has them on craigs list 239 + ton
    Atlas/Olympus/Cascade depending on who has the cash that year.... costco 189 a ton
    Clean Burn (manke Lumber ) tacoma tide flats sold all over 199. a ton everyday of the year
    I forget the prineville ore name but 229 + ton

    lowes had the prestos for 209 3 weeks ago

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