Calling all Puget Sound Pelleters

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Mar 11, 2011
Puyallup, WA
What brand of pellets are you burning? I used to burn Bear Mountain but soon I’ll be burning Golden Fire since Lignetics bought out Bear Mounrain Forest Products, along with a few other firms, namely Clean Fire, Green Supreme, New England WP. I get my pellets at Coastal Farm and Ranch in Auburn WA. Last time I called to see if they had any Bear Mountain in stock they told me they don’t carry them anymore. They said the only carry Coastal (Sierra Supreme, Olympus & Cascade), Golden Fire and Packsaddle. My heart stopped, I couldn’t believe it. Bear Mountain made Golden Fire so I guess I’m not missing much. I’ve never heard of Packsaddle. I found a post from last year where Oregon folks talked about them.

Bear Mountain states a BTU of 8350 and Golden Fire states 8700. I doubt I’ll be able to tell the difference. I pain $316 ton, with tax, for both Bear Mountain and Golden Fire. I expect the Golden Fire price to go up. The Coastal Farm house pellets are blond in color and from the pictures I’ve seen so are Packsaddle whereas Golden Fire/Bear Mountain are a brown color. Both state Douglas Fir so I don’t know why the color difference, perhaps manufacturing. Anyway I don’t like the Coastal brand, they darken my glass within a day and have too much ash. I know there are other brands up here in the PNW just don’t know how many. I won’t burn Clean Burn. They’re oversized.

Here is the Ligentics Group web site:

It seems odd they don’t list Ligentics Pellets.
I've been burning Packsaddle doug fir pellets for more than 10 years. They're clean and do not stink. The ash is minimal and the price is competitive.
LaCrete, sometimes CanWick hardwoods
Not in Puget Sound but I also buy our pellets from Coastal I have also burned Bear Mountain and Golden fire. (same price)
Currently burning Bear Mountain, our XXV ramped up during durn the January freeze and had no problem keeping the
house at 73F when it was 13F outside. I think I was burning about 1.5 bags a day. Normally just 1 bag or less per day.
I like Bear Mountain and can still get them down here but notice they have a limit of 29 bags maximum purchase.
Golden fire doesn't have a limit.