Q&A Are pressed logs more efficient than cordwood ?

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    I was also wondering if you have any information regarding processed wood logs. These logs are not the "Presto" logs available at the Supermarket. "Presto" also contain paraffin for easy lighting. Pressed logs are simply sawdust dried and compressed under extreme pressure to form a log. Out here on the west coast there are several different manufacturers, many also produce pellet fuels. I am sure that these manufacturers offer different qualities of product. Many claim that 1 ton of their fuel is equivalent to about 1.5 cords of wood, but they never really state 1.5 cords of which species. I have burned several of their products and can say I am generally pleased. Since the logs are kiln dried they have less water content than even the most seasoned firewood. Since the fire is not being wasted boiling water, these logs burn hot and very completely. I would also like to here your opinion regarding these products.


    I doubt that the above claims are true for a number of reasons. First, wood burns best at a certain moisture content, which is normally around 15-20%...drying it further does not aid in the heat efficiency. ALL woods contain the same (approx) BTU's per pound, so it would be difficult for a ton of one fuel to heat better than two tons (1.5 cords of softwood)... The products do work well, but wood on the stump is ALWAYS less than wood which has been processed, transported and resold.
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