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    Are steel pellet stoves as good as cast iron stoves which can last for years?

    I am used to Vermont Casting wood burning stoves. I have an Encore in the living room. The house came with the stove in this place and I like it there. However, my basement is cold since it only has two vents from the oil system coming into the basement. I want to know if steel pellet stoves would last as long as an iron stove. I am assuming that they have iron pellet stoves. Anyway I have an air circulation system with an oil furnace in the basement. The central heat oil system leaves the basement cold. The air circulation system has vents on the side of the wall (high up) and I can run the fan all day or intermittently. (The vents are located on the first and second floor) Should I buy a small pellet stove that would only heat the basement or buy a whole house pellet stove put it in the basement and run the fan all day and night ? Thank you in advance for taking time to answer my questions as I really have no one with experience that could impartially answer my questions.


    The interior parts of every Pellet stove made are of steel. Stainless is used in many areas. Most Pellet stoves have an adjustable heat output, so you can set the heating as you like.

    As far as heating, it makes more sense to use the Pellet stove only to heat the basement..and perhaps preheat the upstairs. The wood stove will do a better job since it located within the area to be heated. You may also find that wood costs less than Pellets.
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