Ashley 5660 Auger remove/replace

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Jan 8, 2018
Hi all,
I need some help removing the auger from an Ashley 5660 bay front pellet stove. I found some information on this thread

So far, I have removed the auger motor plate and the two bolts on the sides of the auger housing, but I cannot for the life of me seem to get the auger bushing to budge.

Also, as a general question about this stove, what is everyone's opinion on it? I am wondering if I should just get a new one. I've had this stove since 2014 or '15. I have replaced all the motors at least once and some more than that, the auger motor, all three brick heat plates and I lost count of the number of burn pots I have bought. The two reasons I would stay with this stove are that
1. I now know this stove pretty well (at least I thought until this auger thing)
2. It seems there is still good aftermarket support for this stove, so as long as I can get parts and do the work, I could keep this thing running....if it's worth it?

I really appreciate any help or info anyone can share.
As an update, I called USSC and spoke to a really nice technical rep. Unfortunately, I was sent the incorrect information on how to remove the auger. Thankfully, a helpful member from the referenced thread in my initial posting replied to me and gave me good instructions on how to remove this auger.

As it turns out, it really is as simple as it seems to get the auger loose - it just takes a bit of force from a mallet and a punch to get the bushing to budge. My stove is 10 years (or nearly 10 years, I forget) old so a newer stove may not have bushings as stuck in there as mine were.

I am at a point now where I need to remove the air intake, and I will update when I get that done as well.
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